Increase business with a virtual receptionist

A virtual receptionist is trained and employed to make your business life much easier and more organized. The best ones to front your business are those with outstanding personalities and great voices luckily for you, only those who meet that specific criteria join our team!

The need for a virtual receptionist often comes from either lack of being able to handle all inbound calls during the peak times and often after-hours calling. A virtual receptionist uses off-premise reception to take on these responsibilities for your business. Exactly like a regular receptionist located in your office, they will answer the phone and transfer calls seamlessly to the specific individual. Should you be unavailable, the receptionists can take detailed messages for you to later respond to. The only difference with on-site reception and off-premise reception is that they are not located directly in your office.

AnswerPlus invests a tremendous amount of energy into their receptionists so in turn, they can better represent your business, in both French and English. All of the virtual receptionists at AnswerPlus receive extensive training on your business’ industry to ensure they will be prepared to answer and direct calls properly and efficiently. You can have peace of mind during peak times knowing that a fully trained receptionist is taking care of overflow calls.

Our virtual receptionists hold a number of skills directly associated to effectively running your business. Services offered are: virtual reception, emergency response, 24-hour service, call overflow, order taking, consumer response registration services and dealer locate.

Employing a virtual receptionist from AnswerPlus can make all the difference at your business.