Embracing Change In The Workplace

Change is a constant in the world of business and nothing else can cause more excitement and worry in the workplace simultaneously. Low profits, layoffs or something as fundamental as changing a routine process can generate anxiety and fear among team members and lead to lesser productivity and can have serious impact on a company’s bottom line.

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How To Build A Supportive Team Environment

In our society, we spend a huge amount of time at work and that means we also spend a huge amount of time with the people we work with! At AnswerPlus, our first responsibility is to our employees and we are committed to fostering and maintaining a strong, supportive team environment for all our staff and their respective departments.

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How To Beat The Winter Blahs At Work

After all the excitement of the winter holidays dies down, for many people this is the time of year when the “winter blahs” (also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder) set in. With the freezing weather, fewer daylight hours and the flu that has been going around the office for the last three weeks, it’s easy to see why workplace moral and productivity can be affected during the winter months.

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Answerplus’ 4 Canadian Offices Each Receive The 2017 Cam-X Award For Excellence

Each year the CAM-X Awards celebrate and honour call centres and their staff across North America who lead the way in demonstrating the very best in customer service excellence. At this year’s 53rd Annual CAM-X Convention & Trade Show in Vancouver, each of AnswerPlus’ Canadian offices took home the coveted CAM-X Award for Excellence and we couldn’t be more excited!

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Giving Back to Our Staff

At AnswerPlus, we look for ways to give back to our staff and, most importantly, keep them motivated to provide the best possible service to our clients and callers. From July through to September, we organized a company-wide contest “Wish Upon an AnswerPlus Star” where all our Virtual Receptionists had the opportunity to earn points which translated into ballots for a draw where 2 winners from each office would receive $500.00 towards a wish of their choice!

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Passionate About Making A Difference

At AnswerPlus, we apply our Core Values to our work and interactions with callers and our clients every single day. One core value in particular sums up exactly how all of our Virtual Receptionists feel about the work we do and what we provide to every single person that contacts us: We are Passionate About Making a Difference!

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Continuous And Never Ending Improvement

We put our employees first at AnswerPlus and one of the ways we do that is reflected in one of our most important core values: Continuous training and improvement! Whether it’s ensuring everyone has been given proper training on a new account through to regular feedback and coaching sessions, we work with our CSRs, dispatchers and supervisors to ensure that our staff are knowledgeable and ready to assist our callers in the best way possible every time we answer.

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Respect And Admiration For The People We Work With

AnswerPlus has always taken a unique approach to our business and part of that involves putting our employees first before anything else. By doing this, we achieve one of our most important core values on a daily basis which is respecting and admiring the people that we work with!

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Setting The Bar High

At AnswerPlus, our reputation as a leader in our industry is achieved by demonstrating one of our most important core values every day:  setting the bar high!  Our ability to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our callers is a direct result of the sound judgment, empathy and knowledge of our company’s greatest […]

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Overcoming Barriers to Effective Communication

In business, communication is an effort to give and receive information about what people want us to do and what we expect from them. Effective communication can only be ensured if the message conveyed is clearly understood and comprehended by the person receiving it.

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