Call Center Competes in CAM-X 2014

*Cue the rocky theme* It’s that time of year again CAM-X calls are scheduled to begin this week! Soon our virtual receptionists will call out €œI’ve just had a CAM-X call Supervisors will make notes and smile as they listen to the call. Then sure enough a few days/weeks later it will start all over again.

As of right now we are still waiting for that elusive first call kick off, we are prepared to wow the judges this year same as we always have.

Everyone is preparing the food for the kick off party. ps this is the old cafe we are replacing

Everyone is preparing the food for the kick off party. ps this is the old cafe we are replacing

Speaking of kicking off, this year our Hamilton call center took those words to heart and celebrated the start of CAM-X season with a football theme launch party. They have created play books, strategy guides, score cards and even an actual goal post made by one of our virtual receptionists.

Hamiltons’ kick off party had more food then you could imagine which by the way had it’s own theme, ‘tail gate’ complete with a make your own nachos station, hot dogs, football shaped short bread cookies, chips, dips and even theme appropriate punch. Everyone had a such blast talking about previous kick off parties and CAM-X calls, that I’m thinking maybe a mid season party is in order.

I wasn't kidding we have an actual goal post waiting to be installed

See I wasn’t kidding! We have an actual goal post waiting to be installed

Our Toronto office took a different spin on their kick off party, this year was Tiki theme and boy did they nail it! This week long celebration included limbo, luau’s, faux tropical flowers (our offices are scent free), a huge pot luck with an amazing spread of delicious food and our traditional CAM-X Cake. I’ve never found out where we buy this cake but we never have left overs. Which is why I don’t want to know where we buy it, far too tempting!

Go Ti-Cats..I mean AnswerPlus!

Go Ti-Ca..I mean AnswerPlus!

Being a high quality Answering Service or Virtual Office, is very important to AnswerPlus. We appreciate how hard our virtual receptionists work and the high level of customer service they deliver to each and every caller. This is why whenever we get a chance to celebrate their efforts we put 100% into it. We truly believe that in order to deliver the very best  first impression to every caller our virtual receptionists must feel appreciated and respected. It is an unconventional method which Dolly herself created when she started the company in 1961.

 Go Team AnswerPlus!!



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