What is Answerplus?

AnswerPlus has been acting as the voice of companies since 1961. We specialize in developing custom communications and customer service solutions with locations in Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal and Edmonton.

What we do

Answerplus provides outstanding bilingual customer service to companies of all sizes and offers Answering services, Call Centre services and Emergency Call services.

Answering Services

Answerplus Answering Services provide companies of all sizes with a professional, corporate image on the frontline when greeting callers and potential clients.

Call Centre Services

With offices in Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal and Edmonton, Answerplus is available to answer your customer calls, emails and chats and keep your business operating 24/7.

Urgent Call Response Service

Emergency Response from Answerplus ensures your customers’ critical calls are handled with expertise, and promptly delivered to your on-call personnel.


Answerplus stays on the cutting edge of telecommunications technology, information security and data integrity with comprehensive disaster recovery plans in place and  to ensure we are 99.99% operational so you can truly be there 24/7 for your customers.


Our point of differentiation is our people and our culture.  We far exceed industry standards for employee retention.  We are committed to being the best in the industry by nurturing a positive culture within our organization. We measure our success based on the difference that we make – to our employees, to our customers, to our vendors, and to our community.

Dedicated Account Managers

You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will be your voice within Answerplus.  Your Account Manager will quickly identify the patterns & flow of your business, offering suggestions for efficiencies. By successfully monitoring performance, we will offer the solutions to potential problems before they escalate.



Unlike organizations that use the mantra customers are the number one priority, we have a slightly different philosophy. At Answerplus we put customers third. Employees are the number one priority. It’s a matter of simple logic — if they are motivated, happy and have the skills to do the job, they will be excellent at what they do. Excellence will keep callers happy (priority two) which ultimately translates into generating loyalty and repeat business for our clients.


Calls Taken




Answerplus is a company that understands the customer interaction on each and every call taken, must be precisely directed and answered. We use technology products from well-known vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, AmTelco and SunWire that allow us to build complex service solutions that respond to the greatest demands in the customer relationship sector.


In 1961, on a shoestring budget of just $800, Dolly Lloyd opened Professional Answering Service (now Answerplus), in a 9 X 9 room in downtown Hamilton.


At Answerplus we believe that in order to provide our customers with the highest level of service we must put them last.
As the voice of our customers, our Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) or Virtual Receptionist as they are often referred to, come first. They must be treated fairly and with dignity, given the training and tools to do their job, they must be well compensated, encouraged, coached and supported.

Award winning
INBOUND Call Centre

Answerplus is a 24/7, award winning inbound Call Center with locations in Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal and Edmonton specializing in the development of custom communications and customer service solutions for over 50 years.

Multi-Branch services

In every business, one of the most important deliverables is a high customer service experience. In order to achieve that, each branch within a company must ensure that they are delivering service which is consistent with the expectation of the brand. Unchecked, each branch which falls below the national average can severely impact the image of a company.

Consistent Service

Providing the best customer experience begins with standardization and ends with customization. Using a single call center allows your business to monitor seasonal patterns, branch expenses, customer satisfaction rating and overall national and regional averages – so you can ensure that a branch never falls through the cracks again.

Company Expertise

Answerplus quickly become experts in your business. Allowing your brand to enjoy the rewards that come from a call center who understands your company, your services, and your customers.

Lower Costs & Customizable Solutions

Buy more, save more. Answerplus customers enjoy discounted rates and flexible service options. Not all branches require the same service so Answerplus allows our customers to pick and choose what they require for each location. Customizing services allows your company to benefit from increased service levels at a fraction of the cost.

Dedicated Account Managers

At Answerplus our customers are assigned a dedicated account manager, who will become an extension of your business. Your Answerplus Account Managers can identify the patterns & flow of your business, successfully becoming another pair of eyes monitoring performance, looking for efficiencies and offering solutions to potential problems before they escalate.


What’s in a voice?
Plenty when it comes to handling calls.

“Answerplus has a positive ‘can do’ attitude, which is why it was chosen to provide the OIS After-Hours Emergency Interpreter Service.”
– Canadian Hearing Society

“Answerplus is committed to customer satisfaction, and it is clear that they take pride in providing that service.  Answerplus has contributed to Enbridge Electric’s success as Ontario’s leading smart submetering provider.”
– Enbridge Electric Connections

“Because of the care, attention to detail, technology and knowledge that Answerplus provides, VON’s migration to Answerplus was seamless and transparent for our staff, clients and customers.”
– VON Canada

“Answerplus understands that our company’s credibility and commitment to our customers/ clients is most important. Their CSRs provide a professional and consistent level of service.
– Thinkway Toys