5 Ways Virtual Receptionists Benefit Small Business

Virtual receptionists. They may be familiar, but unless you’re currently using one you probably aren’t sure what this actually means. For starters, what makes them virtual?

They are real people not automated answering systems or robots. Instead of being located in-house, they work remotely. This means they can answer calls from virtually anywhere!

Virtual receptionists are expertly trained to provide seamless customer service. When they answer a call, they are an extension of your team and they speak on behalf of your company. You’ve probably spoken to dozens of virtual receptionist already and never had a clue. 

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a growing small business — a virtual receptionist can have a number of benefits for you. 

1. A virtual receptionist keeps business efficient. 

Chances are you didn’t start a business just to answer phone calls all day. If you’re in an industry such as HVAC, property and facilities management or transportation and roadside assistance, it may be inconvenient to answer calls while you’re on site. 

You don’t have to worry about carving out time to call clients back when you have a virtual receptionist,  allowing you to use your time as productively as possible. 

 Virtual receptionists can also streamline customer experience by gauging the level of urgency or opportunity in a situation. Once this is determined, they will either transfer them to the appropriate personnel or provide a timely solution, keeping everyone happy. 

2. A virtual receptionist makes you look bigger and better. 

Perhaps, YOU also work virtually and don’t have a physical address or phone number attached to your business. Fortunately, having a virtual receptionist can help you look more professional and make you stand out. 

Virtual receptionists are customer service pros who have been trained to:

  • Understand the proper terminology of your industry 
  • Maintain a high degree of professionalism 
  • Always use proper phone etiquette

A warm, knowledgeable human connection is key to building memorable customer experiences.  A virtual receptionist can provide just that, every time.

3. Virtual receptionists work 24/7 so you don’t have to. 

One of the biggest mistakes leaders make is thinking they can do it all. When was the last time you took a vacation? Or maybe your staff aren’t in the office on evenings and weekends. Perhaps call volumes are higher than usual and your in-house employees need some help. 

You can delegate all these situations to a virtual receptionist. They are always on – or at least for as long as you want them to be. This allows you to take a break without worrying about all the calls you might be missing. 

4. A virtual receptionist can identify trends and leads. 

Since no call is going unanswered, you may find your virtual receptionist is a powerful tool to discover new insights and opportunities. 

A virtual receptionist can help you grow your customer base by connecting with prospective clients during after hours, or an overflow (when you’re already on the phone). 

A virtual receptionist helps you learn more about your current customers. What are their most common complaints, questions, and requests? When are they calling? This allows you to identify any seasonal trends or call volume increases and plan accordingly.

5. A virtual receptionist can have a positive impact on your bottom line. 

At the end of the day, a missed call = a missed opportunity. 

And when opportunities aren’t being missed, good news travels fast. Customers who have positive experiences are more likely to share them with others. This can help establish your presence and boost your reputation organically, both online and offline. 

A virtual receptionist is more flexible and innovative than traditional in-house reception, and more personable than an automated voice answering system. Choosing a virtual receptionist will save you time and money while you generate more leads, happier customers, and a better business strategy. 

If you’re ready to benefit from a virtual receptionist, contact us! And if you found this resource insightful, check out the rest of our resource library.