A 24-hour Telephone Answering Service That Only Has Quality in Mind

AnswerPlus is a 24-hour telephone answering service that is devoted to handling phone calls for businesses who cannot take the calls themselves or need extra help with taking in calls during peak business hours.

At AnswerPlus, our award-winning staff members deal with any company’s on-call tasks at any time with only the utmost in quality, making it a 24-hour telephone answering service that outshines the rest.

AnswerPlus is specifically made for off-site reception for any company who wants to front end their business or who doesn’t have the budget to hire a receptionist on-site. Our Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) are trained to be fully-knowledgeable about your business and will speak to your callers about their questions and/or concerns or any other inquiries. The CSRs will then transfer your callers to any member of your staff that can provide assistance.

Other than off-premise reception, AnswerPlus also handles other tasks as a 24-hour telephone answering service. Whether it’s our Emergency Response Team observing escalation protocol to notify your staff of any kind of disaster or taking in the necessary information for product delivery, AnswerPlus offers their services in multiple languages to any business.

The difference between AnswerPlus and any other 24-hour telephone answering service is that our philosophy is to treat our customers third. To ensure the best service to your callers, we invest a tremendous amount of energy into making our CSRs inspired to do their jobs. When your customers know that they are being welcomed when they call, then you’ll understand that we are a 24-hour telephone answering service that you can depend on.

So if you need a 24-hour telephone answering service for your company, contact AnswerPlus to see how we can help your business run smoothly.