A Grand Bilingual Answering Service

If your business is looking for a bilingual answering service for assistance with your excess calls, then AnswerPlus is the correct decision to make. AnswerPlus is a 24/7 call centre designed to help with any business’ incoming calls. As a bilingual answering service, we offer our variety of services to customers in multiple languages, mainly English and French.

At AnswerPlus, we offer off-premise reception to our clients who can’t answer their excess phone calls or who want us to front end their business. Our team of Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) will speak to your callers in a professional manner, extract information from them and then transfer the call to the member of your staff who can help them further. So our CSRs can better serve your callers, they will have a full understanding about your company.

What makes us a unique bilingual answering service is our philosophy to treat our customers third to ensure quality service. The well-being of our CSRs always comes first. Our CSRs are given great working conditions and constant motivation. As soon as the CSRs have been treated with respect in the workplace, they can give our customers’ callers the same satisfaction. When our clients find out that their customers are given the proper treatment, they know that we are a trustworthy bilingual answering service for their business.

Other services we provide include: emergency response, serving as a backup phone line during an unforeseen event. As a bilingual answering service, our customers’ callers may use our services in whatever language they are comfortable speaking.

Remember that AnswerPlus is a bilingual answering service where we treat our employees and your callers with the respect they deserve for the best service. Contact us today for more information.