Choose an answering service that is exceptional

The philosophy behind AnswerPlus is to treat our employees first. It’s that belief that makes our answering service top quality. AnswerPlus is an answering service that has been aiding many businesses with their on-call tasks for almost 50 years. All of our clients customers are treated with dignity and respect to ensure quality service.

To make sure that our answering service is of the best quality, the welfare of our Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) must always come first and our customers must come last. This philosophy is what has made us a unique answering service. Our CSRs must have great voices and wonderful personalities to answer our callers. We invest a lot of energy in ensuring they are knowledgeable and taken care of at our answering service. After the morale of our CSRs is in high resonance, our next priority is treating our customers callers with a helpful and positive attitude. Since we take care of our employees they can extend the same care to our clients.

As an answering service, AnswerPlus offers a multitude of services to our clients that are available in multiple languages. They include:

Off Premise Reception we give the pleasant greeting to your callers and then transfer them to their designated extension. If you, or anyone else, are unavailable, then we will take detailed messages so you can call them back at a more convenient time.

Emergency Response when there is a crisis, our Emergency Response Team will transmit urgent information to emergency personnel for instant action.

Disaster Recovery during unexpected events (floods, power failures, etc.), we provide backup telephone systems for your business.

For many businesses, an answering service is an essential part to increase work efficiency, and AnswerPlus will gladly answer the calls. Contact Answerplus today for more information.