First-Rate Answering Service in Toronto

When businesses use an answering service, they don’t need to worry about overwhelming phone calls. An answering service in Toronto called AnswerPlus will answer your calls with quality for the caller. Based in Hamilton, AnswerPlus has another branch of an answering service in Toronto to help many more businesses throughout the nation with their phone-related needs. Our staff members will welcome your callers to your business with their special skills.

Our answering service in Toronto is just like the one in Hamilton. Our Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) will answer your incoming calls at any time, day or night, get the required information from your customers and re-direct them to the extension (land line, cell phone or pager) of your staff that they need. All CSRs will have the basic know-how of what your business does so they may help your callers with more ease. Your company will have the same relief as having a receptionist on-staff that knows your business inside and out.

What makes the AnswerPlus answering service in Toronto stand out from the rest is that our policy, for the best service, is to put our employees first. The amount of time we spend treating our CSRs with respect and dignity equals the professionalism that goes into speaking with your customers. When your customers have been treated with gratitude and respect, you’ll know that our answering service in Toronto is the right choice to represent your business.

AnswerPlus also offers other services besides off-premise reception for your business. In the event of a crisis, our Emergency Response Team will advise your on-call staff with crucial information. AnswerPlus can also be used as a backup phone line during any kind of disaster (severe weather, power failure, etc).

So our answering service in Toronto is accessible to everyone, all of our services are available in multiple languages.

AnswerPlus answering service in Toronto is available for any type of business that needs assistance with off-premise reception.