Health Care Answering Service

A health care answering service is beneficial for hospitals, pharmacies and other centres that practice health care. AnswerPlus will talk to all excess calls so the only thing you’ll have to do is provide them with medical assistance.

AnswerPlus is a 24/7 inbound call centre that mainly does off-premise reception to businesses that are unable to answer all of their calls, but we also provide health care answering service for various health institutions. The way our company works is that our Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) will speak to your callers and help calm them down, extract the critical information from them and then transfer them over to any land line, cell phone or pager extension of your locality. Our CSRs will have full knowledge about your organization so our health care answering service can be better suited to your callers.

At AnswerPlus, we understand that your callers need professional service from your centre so we treat our clients last to ensure that our health care answering service provides quality. Our CSRs are the voice of your establishment, so their well-being is our most important matter. When our CSRs have been treated respectfully and given fair working conditions they can treat your callers the same way, and exceed your expectations.

AnswerPlus’ health care answering service can do more than just off-premise reception. For example, if your institution is afflicted with a power failure, then we’ll serve as a backup phone line so you can continue to help those in need, or we can also provide help to the callers that have questions and/or concerns about your centre. Everything that we at AnswerPlus do is available in multiple languages.

Using AnswerPlus as a health care answering service will help you and the people who need your help.