AnswerPlus: The Best Live Telephone Answering Service

Many businesses consider using a live telephone answering service to take all of their calls when they require assistance during the peak business hours or when they do not have a receptionist on-staff. AnswerPlus has staff members that will handle all of your calls with only the best service in mind.

At AnswerPlus, our live telephone answering service has helped many companies become more efficient because we use our extensive training on each company to properly interact with all of their customers. We offer off-premise reception to our clients and then transfer their calls to any staff member that can further assist with the caller’s needs. Our off-premise reception is also beneficial for companies that are looking to front end their business. To better serve your callers, we make sure that our Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) know all there is to know about your business.

Our live telephone answering service offers many services other than off-premise reception for your business. For example, our Emergency Response Team can forward your staff information pertaining to an emergency. We will also help your callers to the nearest location where your products and/or services are available. Every service we have is available in multiple languages, ensuring that any person may use our live telephone answering service.

The difference between our live telephone answering service and others is that we at AnswerPlus have the belief that our customers must always come third. To ensure high-class service to each of your callers, we invest a lot of effort into making our CSRs feel respected in the workplace. Your callers will then feel welcomed and appreciated when they call.

Be sure to contact AnswerPlus when your business needs a live telephone answering service.