The need for off site reception

Many businesses see off site reception as a beneficial way to improve their work production. AnswerPlus is a 24/7 call centre that offers off site reception to any business in need of handling phone-related inquiries.

The difference between AnswerPlus and other call centres is that AnswerPlus believes in treating their customers last. Their first priority is ensuring that their Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) are treated with respect and given the proper training to do their job well. When the CSRs are happy with their work environment and treated exceptionally well, they can express the same satisfaction to your callers. AnswerPlus is dedicated to giving professional service toward your customers, and your customers’ appreciation measures how well that AnswerPlus’ off site reception serves your company.

AnswerPlus also offers other services besides off site reception. They include:
Emergency Response – AnswerPlus’ Emergency Response Team will inform emergency personnel for fast action in the event of an unsuspected incident.
Registration Services – your business can now operate 24/7 when your customers call before or after business hours.
Order Taking – the CSRs will take all the required information for product orders from your customers and then forward them back to you.

AnswerPlus is also multi-lingual, so any person may use their off site reception in whatever language they are comfortable speaking. Their two main languages are English and French.

By using services from AnswerPlus, such as off site reception, you can ensure your business will continue to run smoothly and efficiently.