Paul Lloyd Provides Financial Support to Music Outreach Program

Companies are expected to acknowledge their social and philanthropic responsibilities to the local community and social-interest groups. A more recent report in The Bay Observer discussing a music outreach program for disadvantages kids put the concept of CSR in the spotlight, with AnswerPlus Inc. President Paul Lloyd getting a worthy mention for his financial support towards the cause.

Enhancing self-esteem through music

Music is a powerful medium and a creative tool. Leveraging its power is a Hamilton group of charities and musicians, with the beneficiaries being unprivileged inner city kids. Mohawk Jazz band – the Hamilton Music Collective – was looking to expand on their existing outreach program ‘Jazz in the Hubs’ to include music and instrument lessons to elementary schools.

As is usually the case, funding was a problem, but only for a while as Paul Lloyd stepped up to the plate and made a generous to the program, now known as An Instrument for Every Child (AIFEC). Paul, himself an inner city kid, had learnt much from playing in a band, and his financial assistance was a reflection of the real value that music offers to young minds. After Paul’s contribution, AIFEC saw more corporate sponsorship trickle in, and is looking to reach out to more schools in the next three years.

A bit about Paul

CEO and President of AnswerPlus Inc., Paul is a respected name in the telecommunications industry and an active member of the community. He is the recipient of the Tom Ryan Award for Ethics, Integrity and Quality Above All, which recognizes industry leaders in the contact management and answering service industry. Helming AnswerPlus Inc., a leading 24/7 inbound answering service and winner of the CAM-X Award of Excellence, Paul has been the guiding force behind the company that has been successfully offering diverse businesses custom solutions for fifty years now.

AnswerPlus Inc.’s Answering Services

The company’s answering services address different needs, which include virtual reception and order taking to disaster preparedness support and help desk/contact centre. Some AnswerPlus’s clients are The Canadian Hearing Society, Thinkway Toys, Black&McDonald and VON Canada.

Inbound answering services help businesses provide better customer experiences and maintain their competitive edge. It is estimated that almost 90 per cent of customers prefer to speak to a company representative when they call a service provider or vendor. Unfortunately, surveys also indicate that nearly 66 per cent of customer calls go unanswered. This demonstrates the importance of ‘being there’ when existing and potential customers or whoever it is that the business/organization is serving, get in touch over the telephone. Answering services also play a mission-critical role in the case of public-service and charitable organizations, where timely communication makes a huge difference.

Professional customer care involves a sizeable investment for any-sized business. A prudent way to meet answering needs is through a call answering service that provides the requisite support all day, all week. AnswerPlus Inc is one such service provider that has been the voice of companies that have taken the smart decision to outsource their incoming phone, data and contact center communications to realize multiple benefits.