Remote receptionist services grow businesses

A remote receptionist service is something that many businesses find to be an essential part to increase work efficiency when their calls add too much pressure to the workplace. AnswerPlus will gladly relieve the stress of excess calls with our team of skilled staff members.

AnswerPlus is a remote receptionist service that started in Hamilton, Ontario and has been taking care of many business’ calls since 1961. Our belief is to treat our customers third so we can guarantee quality service to their callers. The welfare of our Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) is always our top priority. We invest a lot of time and effort into keeping our CSRs motivated to do their jobs by offering constant support, respectful praise and an appealing working environment. Our CSRs are people with good voices and personalities, and have full knowledge of your company. When our CSRs are satisfied, they can offer a professional attitude towards our customers’ callers, which is our second duty. Finally, our customers are treated fairly so in turn our remote receptionist service will treat others in the same way.

As a remote receptionist service, AnswerPlus offers:

  • Off Premise Reception – our CSRs greet your callers then direct them to any extension, cell phone or voice mailbox, and can take detailed messages should you be unavailable.
  • Emergency Response – our Emergency Response Team will quickly notify your staff of any unexpected event for immediate action.
  • Consumer Response – if your callers have questions or concerns, we’ll take care of them using our extensive knowledge of your industry and business.

We also offer our services in multiple languages so we can continue to be a remote receptionist service that is available to help many cultures. Help your business grow and alleviate pressure by considering a remote receptionist service that will impress your customers.