AnswerPlus: The Best Toronto Telephone Answering Service

Originally from Hamilton, AnswerPlus also sports a Toronto telephone answering service that is available 24/7 to any businesses of any size that needs help answering their phone calls. Your callers are in good hands with us.

Our Toronto telephone answering service supplies off-premise reception to our clients. It’s useful for companies who are unable to answer all of their incoming calls. When your customers call your organization, one of our Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) will respond in a professional manner, then transfer them to any land line, cell phone or pager of your representatives. So our Toronto telephone answering service can better serve your callers, we provide extensive training to our CSRs.

AnswerPlus’ Toronto telephone answering service is different from the others because our method of ensuring the best service to our clients’ callers is to treat our clients last. Since our CSRs are going to be the voice to your customers, the well-being of our CSR’s is our biggest priority. A lot of effort goes into keeping our CSRs motivated to work and providing them with fair working conditions. Once our CSRs have been treated with dignity, they can offer a professional attitude towards your callers and then you will understand that our Toronto telephone answering service is exceptional.

Our Toronto telephone answering service has many other divisions that we can provide for your business. Our Emergency Response Team can alert your on-call personnel for fast action to any accident or we can be used as a reserve telephone line when your company is afflicted with an unexpected event (flood, power failure, etc).

Everyone can use our Toronto telephone answering service because AnswerPlus offers all of its services to the public in multiple languages.

If your workplace is experiencing too many missed phone calls that may be potential customers, contact AnswerPlus and our Toronto telephone answering service will make sure that your callers receive the best treatment.