The Best Virtual Answering Service

If your company needs a virtual answering service to handle all of your phone calls, then consider AnswerPlus because we only provide quality when it comes to your callers. With the AnswerPlus 24/7 inbound call centre, your business can run with more efficiency when our virtual answering service takes care of all the phone-related tasks.

At AnswerPlus, our virtual answering service is dedicated to make any business work better by giving service over the phone to any caller. All of our Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) are more than willing to take your calls and we ensure that our CSRs have a full knowledge about your business to better serve your customers. The CSRs are trained to speak to your customers in a calm manner then transfer them to the staff member of your company that they require. Our CSRs are able to use the virtual answering service to connect to any land line, cell phone or pager inside and outside of the office.

If you need more than just off-premise reception from our virtual answering service, it’s not a problem because AnswerPlus offers a wide selection of other services that you may use. For example, in the event of an emergency, our Emergency Response Team will quickly notify your personnel with critical information. Also, our CSRs can take the necessary information for product delivery and then relay the details to your organization. All divisions of our virtual answering service are available to the public in multiple languages.

The difference between our virtual answering service and that of other inbound call centres is that we hold the notion that our customers must always come third. We spend a lot of effort into making our CSRs feel respected so they can give the same level of gratitude toward your callers.

Contact AnswerPlus when you want a virtual answering service that offers professionalism to your customers and business.