A virtual office will make your business run smoothly

Your business could be losing customers without a virtual office. It’s easy for potential customers to move on to another company should they hit a busy signal, call after hours or be left on hold for too long. That’s why having a virtual office can help you grow your company and ensure you don’t lose another potential customer.

A virtual office offers extra reception for the busy times at your business or even when you’re out of the office. Exceptional Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) are ready to take overflow calls in your business and transfer them to the appropriate person whether it is by office phone, cell phone or even pager. There’s also the option of taking detailed messages for you when you’re unable to answer a call. You’re free to respond to them as soon as you get the chance.

Since we believe that treating our Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) with the utmost care, dignity and respect, we know they will provide the same treatment to your customers. The training we give our CSR’s is always current and relevant to the type business you run. We ensure they are knowledgeable on your industry and prepared for any question that may come up within the virtual office. Our Virtual Receptionists are fully trained to handle any type of phone call, whether it is an emergency situation or simply directing your call to someone in a specific business or industry.

Having virtual office CSR’s can do more than just handle overflow calls. Other services provided are; order taking, consumer response, registration services, dealer locate and disaster recovery. A virtual office will keep your business running smoothly regardless of the time of day or customer flow. For more information about our virtual office services, contact Answerplus today!