Bilingual call centres can boost sales

Call centres already provide a number of useful services, but a bilingual call centre is an option that will better assist your customers. In general, a call centre is used to assist businesses with off-premise reception.

A business will enlist in the services from call centres (especially those offering bilingual services) often when they find they have a high call volume or need after hours reception. Using a bilingual call centre gives your customers more options to receive assistance over the phone, in the language they feel most comfortable speaking.

AnswerPlus, a bilingual call centre, prides itself on the exceptional abilities of their Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s). They provide businesses with a number of services that will greatly benefit both their customers and their business. These services are: off-premise reception, emergency response, 24-hour answering service, calls overflow, order taking and more.

Bilingual call centres show customers that they can assist them in a variety of ways, especially when it comes to reception. With an off-premise call centre to assist with your overflow calls, you can be free to concentrate on your business and its customers. AnswerPlus ensures their CSR’s are trained extensively in each area of your industry. We ensure they are treated with dignity and respect so they will show your customers the same treatment. That is what separates us from other bilingual call centre companies.

Let AnswerPlus do the worrying for you during peak times and after-hours. If you never want to lose another customer to a busy signal again, use bilingual call centre, AnswerPlus. Contact us today for more information.