If you are having a Halloween party this Halloween, may I suggest you leave the food prep to a professional?  Better yet don’t, because nothing, and I mean nothing, makes me laugh harder than Pintrist Fails!  “#NailedIt” images literally reduce me to tears!  Pure joy.  I like to share the things that bring me joy, so enjoy this list of 10 Halloween Pintrest Fails.  You are welcome!

#1.  So your beautiful ghosts don’t morph into zombies.


#2.  Or your pumpkins into melting Umpa Lumpa’s


#3.  Pumpkins?  Or… ummmm..?


#4.  Whelp, if you can’t beat em, join em,  Frankenfailed it!


#5.  Cake popocalypse


#6. Frankentreats meets The Wicked Witch of the West.

“I’m meltingggg… I’m meltingggggg…”


#7.  The resemblance is uncanny and equally terrifying!


#8.  These beautiful pumpkin treats look just like something

you would find in the dorm room fridge, beside the beer.

I am pretty sure they are about to walk off the plate!


#9.  Now its getting real!  Sponge Bob Blob Pants, like for real, what the heck happened here?!


And finally…

#10.  I just can’t even!  #Justiceforelmo


Seriously though, the great thing about all of the above masterpieces is that whenever you try something new, you are bound to fail the first time.   AnswerPlus promotes the fact that to err is human, if you tried and failed, try again and again until you succeed!  Call Centre agents can make mistakes from time to time, we answer phone calls for hundreds of different accounts.  We are very proud of our employees, because they have heart and drive!  It is because of them, that we have success.

Speaking of drive… Be careful out there tonight!