We love this holiday season, yet often we are overwhelmed by the pressure to give material items in order to buy into the spirit of Christmas.

Most of us thoroughly enjoy giving presents; it is thrilling to watch someone’s face light up with an unexpected surprise. Yet many of us get too caught up in the commercialism and before we know it, the holidays become so stressful that we can’t wait for the New Year and our familiar routine.

We are not suggesting that you should opt out of giving presents or sharing your good fortune. We are offering 20 ideas of how you can do something for someone, or for many; in most examples you do not have to spend a dime, yet you will truly make a difference in someone’s life.

-Let the person standing behind you at the till, with one bag of oranges, go ahead of you
-Include your Call Centre in your Christmas Cards. Our virtual receptionists love reading the cards we get.;)
-Shovel your neighbours walk or driveway, even if they are capable of doing it themselves
-Refrain from honking your horn at drivers who are waiting to merge until it is safe to do so; they may be inexperienced or elderly
-Give a thumbs up to the snowplough drivers
-Stop to allow children to cross the road, even if there is no crosswalk
-Keep your cool even though frustrated and tired from Christmas shopping
-Take a thermos of tea to an elderly neighbour and share an hour of time
-Put spare change in one of the kettles
-Visit a retirement home, sit down, and listen to some stories
-Help replenish food banks Get your office involved too! Our virtual receptionists worked together and raised over $500 for local food banks!
-Phone an old friend
-Forgo one present to yourself or your family with a cheque to your favourite charity
-Bake cookies and share them
-Take time to appreciate the carols of days past and feel the connection to Christmas
-Drive around and admire the artistry and beauty of Christmas lights
volunteer your time at a local toy drive
-Enjoy your parties, but refrain from drinking and driving or volunteer to be the designated driver.
-Pause and be thankful that we live in such a wonderful country, with its beauty and freedoms
-Smile -even on the phone, your callers can hear it through the phone

Cookies are a great way to make someone's day

Cookies are a great way to make someone’s day