AnswerPlus (especially our Hamilton call center), takes celebrating the holidays seriously. (For those who have liked us on Facebook, I’m sure you would have already noticed this.)

As a 24/7 Answering Service, AnswerPlus does not have the luxury of closing down our offices during holidays. While many business which must remain open view this as a negative, at AnswerPlus we embrace our 24/7-ness and celebrate all of the holidays in office. We host wedding showers, baby showers, Christmas and New Years parties, Thanksgiving dinners, have Halloween costume parades and yes, we even have Easter Egg hunts. (Perhaps we should be party planners as well)


The 2014 AnswerPlus Easter Egg hunt was our most successful to date. This year Charlene one of our Call Center supervisors, was in charge and she ramped up the difficulty level. Everyone enjoyed having some time away from the phones to run around the office hunting for eggs. A lot of planning went into this year, some of the eggs contained riddles (required to find other eggs) and in some cases, csr’s had to work together to either collect specific eggs or put their clues together to complete a puzzle.

Like I said, we take celebrating holidays to heart at AnswerPlus and we believe your Call Center would benefit from it too.

Reason One: You can embrace working on holidays

At AnswerPlus we have a fairly large employee base and it can sometimes be difficult to ensure that each and every employee understands that the role they play is important and appreciated. Especially when you are a 24/7 business like AnswerPlus you need to take advantage of each opportunity to demonstrate it. Just because some employees are going to work on a holiday, it does not have to mean that the festivities shouldn’t happen. When you celebrate together as a company individuals who were able to spend time with their family feel assured that when their turn comes around their contribution will not be over-looked.

Reason Two: You can go Above & Beyond

Charlene put an extraordinary amount of work into the easter egg hunt this year, doing so required her to go above and beyond in her everyday duties. Yes, she could have just handed out gift bags to everyone who worked,e but paying attention to the small details is a demonstration of your appreciation.

photo-5-e1398101854473-224x300Take the opportunity that comes from celebrating a holiday you know comes every year and plan what you will do to celebrate in advance. By doing so you will ensure that when the time comes you are not scrambling to meet the deadline.

I love to use parsley as an example when I speak about the importance of details. When you order a plate of pasta you do not notice if the garnish is missing, however when it is there your sure to take note.

Reason Three: It fosters team building

Working in a call centre is not an easy job. At the end of the day even the most positive individuals can feel drained and run down. Having worked in our call centre for 2.5 years I learned that having team members I knew I could talk to and rely upon went a long way to helping me feel positive when I left for the day.

However, social interaction doesn’t happen very often in a call center. I know you would expect the opposite, but when you are consistently helping customers the opportunity for small chat doesn’t arise very often. This is why it is vital to celebrate holidays. photo-14-e1398101914105-224x300By doing so you offer employees the opportunity to socialize away from the phones. Learn about their co-workers, and most importantly, have fun together as a team.

I encourage all work places small or large to take advantage of the next holiday and celebrate it together.

Just don’t forget the parsley.