At AnswerPlus we pride ourselves in delivering Customer Service that goes above and beyond the high standards of our industry. Quite a few of our virtual receptionists have been with us for many years and with that experience being passed on from receptionist to receptionist as they coach and mentor each other we felt that it was time again for us to share some of the secrets we have learned throughout our 50+ years in the business.

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1. Take your time.

You never know who is going to be at the other side of the phone, so as a rule of thumb we encourage our call centre employees to always take it one call at a time. By not rushing or timing our team members we remove stress and allow them to listen and put the needs of each caller before anything else.

2. Listen to yourself.

Sometimes when we are stressed or frustrated our tones convey how we feel. Everyone interprets things differently so it is important to always pay attention not only to what we are saying, but how we say it. If you find customers feeling tense or becoming defensive when speaking to you pay special attention to how speak as you continue your conversation, nine times out of ten the simple changing your tone will prevent a situation from escalating and give your customer the positive impression you are working hard to create.

3. Laugh at yourself.

Mistakes happen, when they do you have two choices. One, you can beat yourself up or two, you can learn from your mistake and prevent it from ever happening again. When you take yourself too seriously any upset no matter how big or small can be all it takes to ruin your day. When you give yourself a break you can learn and move forward, this gives you the best foundation to make every other interaction you have with a customer from that point onwards the very best you can.

We hope this helps you on your road to customer service excellence.