In 2014 providing top notch customer service has never been more important. Now more then ever potential customers are researching and reading reviews on Answering Services even before they call you. And why shouldn’t they? They have their own customers to keep happy, so you have to ensure that you keep your reputation squeaky clean at all times.

Our virtual receptionists are Customer Service experts and we are more then happy to share their expertise with you.

1.  Always be positive. We have all had days when nothing seems to go right. Your tire was flat, so you were late to work, you forgot your lunch, spilt coffee on your shirt and to boot you realize at exactly 4:55pm that you have a seed stuck in your teeth from your rushed breakfast.

On days such as that it is very tempting to let your customers feel your bad day. Perhaps your tone on the phone isn’t pleasant, or maybe you do not offer that cup of coffee to a potential client because you are distracted. Forgetting to do those every day essentials can really do a number on the impression you are trying to make.

Which brings me neatly to my next tip.

2. Always provide customer with the same level of service. The rule of thumb for this tip is simple, be consistent. If you always strive to go above and beyond for each and every client your reputation will reflect that. If you let yourself focus on a bigger client and because of it two or three smaller customers suffer poor service you are setting yourself up for a potential disaster.

3. Screen your answering service carefully. Your Answering service is your representation when you are not available. Often callers have no idea they have even spoken to an Answering Service and if the call centre you have employed has  lax customer service standards, your customers are going to notice and you could potentially lose business or worse, hurt your reputation.

Of course the flip side to this is that if your have found an Answering Service who’s standards meet or exceed your own then your reputation will be rewarded and your customers will quickly begin to refer their friends and families to you.

Rule of thumb. A good answering service is worth it’s weight in gold.

4. Always resolve customer complaints. Sometimes honest mistakes happen. Perhaps you ordered the wrong part, or accidentally double booked yourself. If something has gone wrong accept responsibility and speak to your customer about it. Apologize and let them know what you are going to do about it to make it better. If your customer service is consistently good the chances are high that this one infraction will have little to no effect.

Rule of thumb. Treat every complaint as an opportunity to make a positive impression.

Stay tuned for more customer service tips from AnswerPlus in the future.