The Canadian Answering Service Market has changed dramatically over the past 15 years.

Technological advancements, a shrinking market and social media have really allowed Answering Services to come to the table ad show case just what they can do. Oh Boy, did they ever come to the table with their A game.  Answering Services have become the unsung hero’s for multiple hospitals, the not-for-profit sector and multiple small and large businesses, each needing something different.

So why use a Canadian Answering Service?

1) You’re supporting a local business.

Fun Fact! A majority of Canadian Answering Services are family owned businesses, passed down from generation to generation.

While the number of family owned Answering Services are shrinking, the remaining family owned businesses have seen their business increase, and it’s not just because they are local. Generational companies stand a much higher chance of maintaining and nurturing their core value systems. In doing so a strong foundation is formed, allowing these businesses to focus on making improvements, not working about internal upheaval.

Not to mention the most obvious. Supporting a local business means giving a person in your community a job.

Did you know? Unlike typical call centres, AnswerPlus Virtual Receptionists receive profit sharing and get paid above minimum wage.  

2) Not all French is created the same.

We have been there ourselves, many moons ago AnswerPlus used a translation service for our clients who required French. At the time finding and training bilingual Virtual Receptionists just wasn’t possible or sustainable.

Enter Technology.

Today many Canadian Answering Services offer in house bilingual receptionists who are fluent in Quebecois French. Which as many know, is very different from how French is spoken in other parts of the world. Canadian Answering Services remove this language barrier and bridge the gap between you and your French speaking customers.

3) Because Baby it’s cold outside.

..Or hailing, or thunder-storming (is that even a word?) Or anything else mother nature has in store.

Weather in Canada is intense, and for the past few years it has been especially fierce. So you need to be sure that the Answering Service you are trusting your customers with understands Canadian weather.  

Which of course, is what Canadian Answering Services excel at.
Emergency generators, on-call staff members, backup systems, all of these precautions and more are used by Canadian call centres to ensure that when (not if) bad weather hits, your customers won’t hear a busy tone.

4. Come visit us!

Putting a face to the voice you are talking to is always nice. So why shouldn’t you be able to meet the receptionists who will be speaking to your clients?

Local Answering Services offer you the opportunity to learn about the people who will be answering your phones and let’s you get to know your team better.

Plus, it can work both ways.

Our team members love field trips! AnswerPlus reps often get invited to go and learn about the companies they are working for. They meet technicians and receptionists, learn valuable information and build relationships that bridge communication gaps.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are so many benefits to working with a Canadian Answering Service. We encourage you to shop around and find a service who matches your needs. And of course, you are always welcome in any of our offices.