Struggling to Raise Your Customer Service score?

Handling Customer Complaints

Customers are canceling orders, your staff is on the verge of mutiny and you’re so stressed out that a good ol’ fashioned temper tantrum seems like a very good idea. 

And it’s not even lunch time yet.

Happy Monday. 

I have some good news and some bad news. 

Good news first. Low scores in customer service are never terminal, you can always turn the situation around. Always.

And now the not so good news. You’re going to have to change and most likely it’s going to involve eating some humble pie. 

You’re strong. I know you can do this. 


1. Listen to Your Customers.

What are they asking for. Do they want a quicker turn around on repairs? Perhaps they find the hold times too long when they call your company. Sometimes the solution can be as simple as hiring a part timer to help during the peak hours or season.

2. Create a Plan.

Knowing what you have to do isn’t going to get you anywhere if you don’t act on it. Sit down with your team, or an adviser and get down to business. What is it your trying to do? Does it reflect the values of your brand/company? Is it a realistic plan? These are all hard but necessary questions you have to ask yourself if you want to turn things around. 

3. Don’t Give Up.

You had a couple of meetings. You created your action plan, but your phone is still ringing non stop with irate customers demanding your attention.

Breathe. It’s okay. (No really, it is!) 

It takes time for a new system to become a well oiled machine. Don’t give up and keep at it. 


And last, but certainly not least. Don’t forget your team.

You’re team is the group of people who stood with you during the rough times. Take a moment to do something nice and show your appreciation for all their effort. Order in lunch one day, or even offer to do the morning coffee run. Small gestures will go a very long way and show your employees that you care about their opinions and feelings. 

Now go out there and be a force for customer service change! I know you can do this.