“Oh wow, you can do that?!”

(We hear this^ all the time).


You love your Answering Service. In fact, you don’t want to think about the dark days before they became the critical extension to your business.

(You know, back when your staff were on the verge of a full blown mutiny.)via GIPHY 

So let’s talk about taking your relationship with your answering service to the next level.

1. They can speak another language for you


 Many of our customers come to us asking if we can recommend a service for their French customers. Ask your Answering service. The vast majority offer their services in more than one language. 

2. Wake up calls


No need for drastic measures. We will keep calling until you pick up your phone. Don’t pick up your cell phone? We can even call your room mate and get them to wake you up. (We don’t promise they will be as happy to wake you as we are).

3. A Human Do Not Disturb Mode

Every once in a while a call comes through to us that we know you NEED to take. And I’m not talking about irate clients. I’m talking about serious emergencies that mean we will call you, even when you’re in the middle of your big presentation.

Case in point. One of our long term customers received a phone call from his wife. Their son had been in a serious accident our customer had turned off his cell phone. We called his field partner who was able to get him on the phone.

These are rare cases, but knowing that you have a human able to react when a serious emergency occurs can make all the difference. 

4. The Company X-Mas Party!


When the entire office is in a meeting, or at an event, ignoring the ringing phone is not always an option. Using your answering service as a temporary solution is an excellent way to enjoy your party and still provide your customers the service they require. 

5. Mass Messages 

In the event of office closures, power outages or following emergency protocols, sending a mass email isn’t always going to cut it when the going gets tough. 

Most answering services have the ability to send mass emails, voice recordings and text messages to your customers and/or employee lists. 

That’s it for now everyone, but if you’d like even more Customer service tips and tricks you should read our Customer Service Check Up.