A call center representative answering a call and a caller making a call.

Just about anybody can relate to having had a poor customer service experience at one time or another.  Whether it was due to poor communication, lack of product knowledge or simply the inability to resolve an issue, negative experiences are what customers and clients will remember most and they can have a direct impact on a company’s reputation and their bottom line; even before a caller picks up the phone.

One of our core values at AnswerPlus, that we demonstrate every single day, is our ability to “wow” our callers.  By meeting and exceeding the expectations of our callers, we stand out in a competitive industry and provide an invaluable service to our clients and their customers.  Here are 5 ways that AnswerPlus adds the “wow” factor to our approach to great customer service:

  1. THE PERSON WE ARE SPEAKING WITH IS OUR TOP PRIORITY – As soon as we answer the phone, our focus is exclusively on the person calling in. No matter how big or small the request, our CSRs treat each call with the attention it deserves to provide the best possible customer service experience for our callers while ensuring a high degree of accuracy and efficiency for our clients.
  2. WE GET THE INFORMATION RIGHT THE FIRST TIME – As we often serve as the first point of contact for new and existing customers, we understand the importance of both gathering and confirming contact information any details relating to orders, service requests and customer feedback. Our callers can feel assured that their information has been recorded accurately which reduces the risk of having to reconfirm these details once they are received by our clients.
  3. WE SMILE WHEN WE SPEAK! – It’s true; you can actually tell when someone is smiling through the phone just by the tone of their voice! By answering every call in an enthusiastic, positive manner, our callers know immediately that we are ready to assist with their inquiries and are focused on the task at hand.  The best part is when we hear the smile back through the phone from our callers; we know we have not only met but exceeded their expectations from start to finish!
  4. WE FOCUS ON WHAT WE CAN DO FOR OUR CALLERS – Customers and consumers do not like hearing the words “no” and “can’t” and we feel the same way at AnswerPlus! We look for ways to help at every opportunity and even if we can’t resolve a problem right there and then, we work to quickly get our callers in touch with the best department or person to assist them with their needs.
  5. WE PERSONALIZE EVERY CALL – As part of the information gathering process, we ask for people’s names; then we use Personalizing our calls is a key step in building and maintaining good relationships between our clients and their current and prospective customers.

By using the above methods on every call we take, AnswerPlus has established a distinguished reputation with our clients and our CSRs are consistently praised by our callers for the outstanding level of service and attention to detail that we provide every day.  As customers ourselves, we put ourselves in the position of the people who call in and focus on meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients and our caller every time we answer the phone!