At Answerplus, we’re constantly looking for new ways to ensure the wellness of our whole community.  When your team is invested in taking care of one another, your culture is that much stronger.

As we enter the holiday season, things tend to get busier at work and at home. In the bustle of taking care of others every day, it’s important to remember to take care of ourselves too. 

 Whether you’re balancing shopping and meeting with family, or just adjusting to colder temperatures and less daylight, here are some tips for reconnecting with yourself and others.

1. Schedule time to slow down 

While the weather outside is frightful, it’s also the perfect reason to celebrate staying cozy.  Grab a mug of something warm, and unwind with a good book or a new movie. It’s a simple way to make space for rest and mindfulness while focusing on routines that make you feel cool, calm and collected. 

It seems like the word mindfulness was everywhere this year, and for good reason.  Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from our increasingly fast-paced lifestyles. 

The good thing is, if you have trouble with the stillness required for meditation, there are other ways to be mindful. It can be as simple as turning off your phone for 30 minutes and having a bath, or cooking a meal you really love and listening to some good music.

2. Be proactive about your health 

The best thing you can do to avoid feeling run down this time of year is being proactive. Staying hydrated and washing your hands more often is definitely helpful. It also doesn’t hurt to throw in some vitamin C rich foods, like citrus fruit.

 If you’re feeling the winter blues, you’re not alone. Due to reduced sunlight during the colder months, many people don’t end up getting adequate amounts of Vitamin D. There are lots of different ways you can up your vitamin D intake to boost your immune system and your mood.

When all else fails, a mug of honey, lemon, grated ginger, and hot water can soothe your throat and clear your sinuses. It’s an easy recipe when you’re lacking energy and it’ll definitely warm you up. 

3. Give back 

Volunteering creates meaningful connections within your team and your community. We all know that doing good makes us feel good, but community involvement can also be a really good way to live your values

A thoughtful alternative to traditional office-wide gift-giving games like Secret Santa and Yankee Swap is selecting new, unwrapped gifts for children or teens and donating them at Toy Mountain. 

We’re passionate about making a difference while we make a living, and that shines through our outside connections too.

4.  Get moving

Has it been a while since you’ve laced up your skates? Maybe you haven’t tried, but have been meaning too. There are tons of places you can ice skate for free, and often they have music or a DJ. You can also check out where the closest public rink is to you through your city’s activities, parks and recreation page on their website. 

Even just bundling up and getting outside for a walk is a great way enhance your well-being. Bringing along a friend, a good playlist or podcast can clear your head and leave you feeling refreshed. Stay inspired with small sound bytes, like the daily Ted Talks.

5. Balance is key 

You don’t have to sacrifice Christmas parties, important meetings or reduced holiday hours in order to keep business running smoothly. We want to ensure you keep your clients AND your employees happy. 

Leave the questions to us. We’re committed to providing 24/7 reliable customer service so you don’t have to. A few areas we can help take the pressure off include: 

  • Urgent Call Services – For that unexpected Canadian weather that keeps us on our toes. 
  • After Hours – When you want to reduce your holiday hours, but not the quality of your customer service. 
  • Reception Overflow – Avoid busy signals due to seasonal volume increases. 
  • Outbound Relationship Management – Boost the attendance of your holiday events and renew memberships for the new year through friendly, warm reminders directly to your clients. 

No matter what your holiday schedule looks like, or what your business goals are, these are few suggestions that will help you succeed in the long-run. Shifting your mindset shouldn’t require a trade-off between stress and productivity. Reach out to us here, if you’re looking for a little help this season.