Being Eco-friendly in a 24/7 Call Center is easy with these simple tips.

1. Do you Really Need to Print?

Long gone are the days when working at an Answering Service meant writing down messages on a piece of paper. Thanks to technology, messages are digital and so are reports so often there is no need to print.

Having a ‘think before you print’ mentality can go a long way towards reducing waste.

2. How Do You Commute to Work?

Growing rush hour traffic is reason enough for most people to rethink how they commute to work. Carpooling, biking, walking or taking public transit are all cost effective and simple ways to reduce our environmental impact in a big way.

3. Bring a Travel Mug to the Office.

Working at 24/7 inbound call center means very early mornings, so coffee is a must in our office. If you’re like many of our Virtual Receptionists (and myself) and require that caffeine boost to start your day, consider bringing a travel mug to the office. By doing so you avoid using disposable paper cups and, as an added bonus, your coffee stays hot until the last sip. 

4. Power Down at Night.

If your place of work is similar to our call centers then night time is quiet time. (Most days.)

In order to save power AnswerPlus computers are put into sleep mode at night when most of the seats are empty. By taking a moment before you leave the office at night to turn off your computer you are reducing your energy usage.

5. Check How you Pack Your Lunch

There are so many cost-effective eco-friendly containers and lunch bags available today. Not only are they good for the environment, but it’s also good for your health and your budget. 

6. Add Some Greenery.

Having greenery in your office is a breath of fresh air, literally.