7 “Non-Defensive” Responses for Great Customer Service

AnswerPlus’s very ownBarbara¬†Bradbury is back again with her expert Customer Service tips.¬†


Instead of saying (Defensive)

Try saying(Helpful)

1. I’m trying to help you.I will help you
2. I’m doing the best I can.Bear with me and I’ll resolve this for you
3. Things take timeThis may take a few minutes, I’ll be quick as I can
4. You’re not listening to me.Let me help you with this
5. You didn’t follow our process.Let’s go through this together
6. Don’t blame me!Let me see how I can fix this for you
7. We apologize IF we caused you trouble.We truly apologize for the inconvenience.


Telephone Tip – It’s cold & flu season again!

There’s nothing more embarrassing than a cough or a sneeze that sneaks up on you when speaking on the telephone. Make sure that you have a working ‘mute’ button and be ready to use it at a moment’s notice!

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