The 2016  paralympics in Rio came to a close this past weekend and our Canadian athletes did not disappoint!  I read a quote from Jason Shawndale Steen that I thought was so inspiring, “it is a time to focus on abilities, not disabilities”.  How can you focus on anything else when you watch a person excel at what they are doing?  

I am not normally a huge sports fan, but I do enjoy the Olympics.  I like watching the Olympic games because, I am always happy and inspired to see how nations can come together, put aside their differences, and focus on their similarities.  Each athlete trains tirelessly for years, in an attempt to win a medal for their country.  To make their teams, countries, families and themselves proud.  From where I stand anyone who works hard enough to even qualify to compete, should already be incredibly proud!

Sometimes we face challenges that can seem impossible to overcome, the paralympics are a great reminder that, if you put your mind to it you can overcome anything!  Take Michelle Stilwell for instance, as a teenager she fell while being piggybacked by a friend, and broke her neck leaving her paralyzed, yet she won 2 gold medals at this years paralympics!  She is also the first paralympic athlete to win gold in two different events.  She is proof that if you have drive, dedication and the right attitude you can accomplish great things! 


AnswerPlus is passionate about the success of all of our Customer Service Representatives and we invest in training, educational programs, seminars, etc. that can help our agents succeed and meet their growth potential.  We invest in these programs for a number of reasons, if our agents are learning they are growing and the knowledge they acquire can be shared with the team.  Knowledge also breeds empowerment and confidence, this enhances the customer experience.

As a call centre, AnswerPlus agents may answer the phone lines for any number of specialized industries and it is important that our agents are confident to speak the language unique to all of them seamlessly.

An Investment in our agents success is in turn an investment in our customers success.

Our trainers work tirelessly to ensure that all CSR’s are confident and ready to do a great job!

Congratulations team Canada!  You have done us all proud!