Our FIRST responsibility is to our employees.  We proudly boast that our Customers come third, and take responsibility to create a culture and environment where our agents can express their curiosity, creativity and capability. 

An engaged employee is a happy, productive employee with a valued commitment to providing excellent service.  AnswerPlus has always proudly focused on nurturing the culture we are known for.  

I came across a video that was taken at the Orangutan enclosure at the San Diago Zoo, the simple feature they added changed a mundane, routine day and created an ambiance that cultivated curiosity and an active involvement in their environment. 

Sometimes it is as simple as adding a few bubbles!


Bubble machine at the San Diago Zoo

The Orangutans reminded me why we focus so heavily on our AnswerPlus culture and how important that culture truly is!  We use the 3 C’s to nurture an environment that allows our agents to provide award winning customer service.

It is well known that encouraging creativity in the workplace leads to increased productivity, stronger problem solving skills and better team work.

Nurturing Curiosity leads to better communication, empathy and trust. Curiosity boosts achievement and creates happier employees.  These qualities are fundamental to the successful relationship between a call center and their customers.

Providing the tools and knowledge that foster our call center agents capability allows them to feel empowered.  Empowered employees are more likely to have a stronger connection and investment in the needs of the business.  In short they genuinely WANT to do a great job.

Whether it is putting together some adult colouring books or fun art projects or surprising the CSR’s with an Ice Cream truck to celebrate National Soft Serve Ice Cream day.  We also focus on ensuring the AnswerPlus team has the tools, training and support needed to ensure they are capable and empowered.  All while ensuring the feeling in the office is warm and inviting, Answerplus is truly a family, we are there for each other when things are difficult and there to celebrate lifes milestones together.  These are the ingredients that lead to an average tenure of 10 years in an industry known for having a high turn over rate.  

Remember when things get mundane, just add bubbles!