In e-reception companies outsource the profile of a front office receptionist or a secretary to a company specializing in providing reception services over the internet or the phone. When a customer calls or sends an email to your company, inquiring about services or registering a complaint, that call or email is forwarded to the e-reception company and it replies to the issue on your behalf.

There are several advantages of an e-reception service over the traditional service

  • Companies that use e-reception services don’t worry about losing business because each call or email is answered promptly.
  • You won’t have to spend money on office space, on recruiting or training a receptionist. You won’t incur any other expenses either like salaries, leaves or other benefits.
  • No costs connected to office equipment like telephone connections, computers, fax machines, copiers, etc. E-reception companies will filter all calls, so that you won’t be troubled by people trying to sell you services or solicit business.
  • E-reception companies provide services like a dedicated receptionists who will respond to all queries as soon as they receive them, keeping records of correspondences, fax acceptances, answers to emails, and instant messages.
  • Since they have been relieved of this responsibility, companies can focus efforts on improving technical infrastructure and marketing their products and services.
  • Over time e-reception services will result in an increase in customer loyalty as your customers are receiving prompt, professional and helpful services.