A Kansas city homeless man discovered a platinum and diamond ring in his cup and returns it to its rightful owner.  It is people like Billy Ray Harris that we aim to employ.  Our guiding principal is Do the right thing always… regardless, after all!  

Billy Ray Harris, a homeless man was panhandling when a woman emptied her change purse into his cup, later that day when he looked inside he discovered a platinum and diamond ring.  Billy took the ring to the ponshop and the clerk was willing to give him $4000 on the spot, he refused as he was pretty sure the ring had not been given to him intentionally.  Instead of taking the money Billy held onto the ring and a few days later Sarah Darling approached him asking him if he had the ring.  He gave her the ring back without question, because it was the right thing to do! Billy’s reward for doing the right thing?  Public outpouring, a fund set up by Sarah to help Billy has raised over $170 000, he is no longer homeless! Homeless man gives back ring is rewarded generously

Homeless man gives back ring is rewarded generously

Here at AnswerPlus we go out of our way to fill our call center with people like Billy Ray Harris.  People who live their lives in accordance with our company’s guiding principles.  When ever a decision has to be made we first ask ourselves what the right thing to do is, then we do it!  Making all decisions in this manner creates an environment of trust and integrity that our contact center is known for. Doing what is right always has its rewards!  Even if it is simply the knowledge that you did what was right!