Businesses! Large and small, in all locations from Toronto to California and beyond, every industry and all business models. Call your Answering Service, call them now.

I assure you there is a very valid reason for calling your service and I know it’s valid because A) it’s going to help you and B) it occurs every single day in our call centers. Allow me demonstrate.

AnswerPlus Client, “You can do that for me?”
AnswerPlus, “Of course! It’s why we called you.”

Our job as your Answering Service is to help you make your life simple and part of making it simple includes consistently looking for new tools and updating our services. So what does this mean for you, the client? Well to put it simply, if you have ever thought

To provide some Ah Ha! moments and of course, help make it simple I’ve compiled a top four list of services that AnswerPlus offers and you may not know it.

1) Bilingual Customer Service: In 2008 AnswerPlus opened its Montreal branch. Dedicated to provided quality Quebecois French for our clients who desire bilingual services. Our team is fluent in both English and French which includes reading, writing and of course speaking both national languages.

2) Live Chat or Instant Chat: Earlier this month I posted a blog about the Importance of Live Chat for your Business. More and more companies are using Live Chat to demonstrate to perspective and current customers their dedication to exceptional customer service. Well, I think that just pretty much sums it up right there. Like PB&J, AnswerPlus and exceptional customer service just go together.

3) Social Media Management: Oh social media, I love you so. You are an amazing tool for reaching out to customers, offering support and showcasing our clients amazing businesses. Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, the list goes on and on. But here is the catch, which not many realize is a big deal. Many social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook occur in real time. If you do not monitor your channels 24/7 you can either lose out on potential customers or even worse, fail to address a customer concern. I don’t think I need to explain the potential risks and benefits that come from immediately addressing a customer concern. Luckily, your Answering Service can help you. We can monitor your social media channels, ensuring prompt responses and most importantly, creating a positive experience for every user.

4) Dispatch: Our call centers dispatch service calls, ensuring that all messages go to the correct individuals. Almost everyone knows this, but few know how we can do it. lets make it even more simple. Let’s email you, text you, Skype you, chat you, page you, lets deliver emergency messages to every single customer or employee within 30 seconds. Technology grows and Answering Services grow with them, we are constantly updating our dispatch to make it at simple as possible for your customers.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Your business is unique and so are the services you require, after fifty plus years in this business we have grown to embrace every type of unique. Shock us, inspire us, give us a request we haven’t heard yet. (which I must say may be hard) Just call us! We love to hear from you, we want to help you and most importantly we want to help your customers.