Best Call Overall Winner Shares Customer Service Secret

The Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X) recently awarded Brian, of AnswerPlus Toronto, the coveted “Best Call Overall” from amongst 740 blind test calls placed over a 6 month period.
Only a handful of those calls scored 100% for call taking techniques, and 100% for the WOW factor (engaged, using the callers’ name, and professionalism throughout), and went on to be evaluated by an additional 3 panels of judges before Brian’s call was chosen as the “Best Call Overall”.

Brian 36, says his secret to exceptional service is simple:  “Treat everyone like they are gold, I give whatever I can … and hopefully I’ll be treated the same if I need help someday”  Brian attended Camosun College in B.C. with the goal of becoming a music teacher. He learned to play piano, clarinet, flute, trumpet, trombone, and alto, tenor, and baritone sax… saying he “just wanted to be able to fill in wherever help was needed in the orchestra!” (that’s our Brian).  Over the next several years, he explored a variety of careers from optical technician to city bus driver, living in Alberta and for a short time, the U.K. before settling in Scarborough.

Brian enjoying his celebration cake at AnswerPlus Toronto

Brian enjoying his celebration cake at AnswerPlus Toronto

Remembering the AnswerPlus culture he’d heard about in a workshop he attended years earlier, Brian looked us up and was accepted for what was supposed to be a ‘temporary’ position. That was two years ago… today Brian is a team lead, honing his skills to become a supervisor.  Brian is passionate about change! In fact, what he most likes about working at AnswerPlus is that he’s presented with different challenges every day. He also loves “that the staff are treated with such respect, the flexible hours, and that everyone gets along so well” saying “I haven’t seen that at a call centre before.” The only thing he doesn’t like is the commute to work!  His pet peeves are people who wear socks with sandals (scandalous!) and people who drag their feet, and speaking of pets, Brian will soon be adopting an adorable little pug! He enjoys all kinds of music, (except rap), is a huge fan of Stephen King, and loves watching horror movies, saying “some of them are so ridiculous they make me laugh!”  Brian describes himself as “caring, loving, always willing to lend a hand, outgoing, and spontaneous”… great attributes in a person… and in a CSR!   If he won a million dollars, Brian would buy his dream home, a three story house with brand new appliances, somewhere quiet, outside the city. Then he’d donate to cancer research, saying “we have to find a cure” and pay off his Equinox.  Asked what his 3 wishes might be, Brian said he’d ask for more time with his mom, who succumbed to cancer in 2012, and for a cure for cancer. He couldn’t think of a third… these unselfish wishes speak volumes about the man Brian is.    Although he doesn’t know where he’ll be in 5 years’ time, “I’m not psychic” Brian says that for now, he is content to be working with his new family at Answerplus.

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