The basics of a good order taking service include low ring time, low hold time and a zero abandonment rate. When the order taker is polite and gathers the information required to complete the order professionally, customers report more satisfaction with the interaction. The way an order is taken often determines whether the business will enjoy repeat customers.

Order taking services often enjoy the help of a call center because professional call centers understand the importance of first impressions and providing each caller with the knowledge and the experience they need. Calls are answered by a customer care representatives who inquires about their needs, listens to them patiently and then helps them place an order. Businesses will benefit from the best order taking practices mentioned below.

The order taker should speak slowly and clearly so that the customer understands him completely and does not feel rushed or insignificant The voice should be pleasant, kind and any slang should be avoided.

The order taker can personalize the call by asking the caller for his/her name. This again makes the caller feel like they are not a number but an appreciated customer. If you intend to put a caller on hold to gain more information for the caller first ask for the caller’s permission.

Knowledge of the product is critical and specific training is mandatory to ensure all Customer Service agents are capable of providing top notch service to your customers.

You must listen carefully to the customer and take down any pertinent information Repeat the order again to confirm the information and ensure all information is accurate.

Thanking the customer for their call and their business before ending the conversation is another way to ensure the caller feels important and valued.