These are the plans the designer has put together for us.

2014 has certainly been a very exciting year for AnswerPlus. In Hamilton, our Call Centre has seen renovations, 4 promotions and because of that our team has grown by double digits! -Double digit hiring isn’t common in our call centres since our employee tenure is a shocking 9 years– Now we are setting our eyes on the GTA where we intend to bring the same level of progress to our team members and clients.

Toronto has had a very exciting 2014 as well. So far we have had 3 promotions and welcomed 15 new team members who will be with us for the rest of August and into September as we assist families within the GTA who are getting ready for school to begin again. And this is just the beginning, what would a year of progress be without renovations?! Yup, we aren’t kidding. We started in Hamilton and we are moving on to Toronto.


This is what the new flooring will look like, the darker carpet will be where the office staff are and the lighter colour will be in operations. The tile will be replacing all the old.

In the coming months our GTA location will see new: carpeting, tiles, ceilings, paint, light fixtures, walls will be coming down, brand new work stations for our virtual receptionists, as well as a brand new tranquility space for relaxing in, an additional meeting room is being built, 4 new offices are being built and last but not least, our operations department is going to be nearly doubled. This isn’t even everything by the way,  I’m leaving out a lot of small details which we believe will make the biggest impact.

Just as in our Hamilton call centre our Toronto clients will see absolutely zero disruptions in our level of service as AnswerPlus continues to exceed expectations. 2014 has certainly been a year of changes and growth in AnswerPlus