The whole world has been captivated by April, the pregnant giraffe. She has been in active labour for more than 3 days.  As we all tune in to watch the birth of her calf, here at AnswerPlus our CSR’s are taking calls from human women in labour. I am pretty sure any human in labour for over 3 days would not be this graceful.

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People, from all over the world, have been glued to the live stream of the birth of April’s fourth calf.

Here are some fun giraffe facts:

April is 15 years old, the father of the calf is Oliver and he is five years old (April got herself a younger man 😉 ). The calf will be born around 150 pounds and will be approximately 6 feet tall. 30 minutes after birth the calf will be able to run, and will nurse for 6-10 months before it will be weaned and be able to eat solid food. The staff at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, NY, are monitoring April and her progress and are assuring viewers that the birthing process can be lengthy, but that April is comfortable and progressing normally.

Watching the coverage of April the giraffe’s labour and (to come) delivery reminded me of the Dolly story (which is loved and famous amongst AnswerPlus employees). Dolly Lloyd is the founder of AnswerPlus (read the whole story here). Dolly would tell her family about her day, and how she had helped people, “…and I helped deliver a baby all before my first coffee break.”  

Animal Adventure park live cam

April the labouring giraffe.

Animal Adventure Park Website

Our AnswerPlus CSR’s answer for a number of midwife and medical lines, and can too, brag that they have helped deliver a baby. “We pride ourselves on the personality types of the staff we hire”, as CEO Dana Lloyd said, at the CAFÉ Family Business Forum,(Watch Dana’s address here ), “we are hiring people that have an innate need to help, an innate need to make a difference… We don’t “just” answer phones.  The CSR’s desire to help sets AnswerPlus apart.”  I think that the Animal Adventure Park should call us, we can set up a baby watch hotline for the people who have obligations that are taking them away from the coverage.  😉

In the meantime we will be watching the coverage, like everyone else.  I’d say with bated breath, but I think we would all pass out.