Building call cente team environment

In our society, we spend a huge amount of time at work and that means we also spend a huge amount of time with the people we work with!  At AnswerPlus, our first responsibility is to our employees and we are committed to fostering and maintaining a strong, supportive team environment for all our staff and their respective departments.

The business world is changing and developing faster than ever before and when trying to meet the challenges and demands of today’s work climate, having a team of personnel who enjoy, admire and respect the people they work with every day is essential.  Here are a few ways AnswerPlus promotes a healthy, supportive team environment every single day:

  1. WE GIVE POSITIVE FEEDBACK AND ENCOURAGEMENT – As much as people are often hardwired to give constructive or negative feedback first, we are always looking to let our staff know about things they are doing right!  Our trainers and supervisory staff always look to let our staff know about things they do on calls that really impress our clients and customers and we are not shy about telling our Virtual Receptionists about what they really do well!
  2. WE CELEBRATE OUT VICTORIES! – In keeping with our mission to look for the positives, we are always happy to let our staff know when we get great feedback from our clients and their callers.  Whether it’s giving a specific team member kudos for a great call or sending their thanks for helping out during a busy period or assisting when phone lines are down, we always let our team know when our clients share positive feedback with us.
  3.  WE MOTIVATE OUR STAFF – In the last few weeks, we have come up with several contests to keep our staff motivated and to provide a little extra incentive for amazing and delighting our callers and clients on every call we take.  We post our results in our call centre during these contests to track our success and to motivate our Virtual Receptionists through a little friendly competition and to encourage our Virtual Receptionist to bring their best to every call.
  4. WE MAKE ANSWERPLUS A FUN PLACE TO BE – Throughout the year, we hold special days for potlucks, give out Candy Grams for Valentine’s Day, dress-up for Halloween and other seasonal events where our staff can come together, have some fun and see a lighter side of their co-workers.  Other annual events like our awards night and boat cruises allow our staff to interact and socialize with staff from other offices and see the bigger picture in terms of the overall scope of our business.
  5. WE ALWAYS LOOK FOR WAYS TO HELP EACH OTHER – At AnswerPlus, we put our staff first and our staff always look for ways to assist each other from helping out on a difficult call, covering open shifts to providing encouragement and feedback to our newer Virtual Receptionists to help them get a better understanding of what we do for our clients and callers.  At AnswerPlus, help is as close as the colleague sitting next to you and we always come through for our staff so we can provide the best possible service to our clients and callers and to let our staff know that they always have team resources and assistance available when they need it.

At AnswerPlus, our team thrives because we put our staff first and strongly value having a supportive team environment.  We encourage our staff and provide them the tools they need to bring their absolute best on every call we take!