Our very own Elisha made these costumes by hand for her fellow AnswerPlus team members

Our very own Call Center TMNT!

If you couldn’t already tell, at AnswerPlus we take our culture pretty seriously. The nature of an Answering Service means that we operate 24/7/365 so on holidays (such as Easter and Halloween) we make sure that we bring the holidays into our call centres.

Thank goodness we are renovating our call centre in toronto this lighting is not so good!

The lighting in our Toronto Call Center is a bit dim, but our team still looks fantastic!

Every year Hamilton & Toronto celebrate by having bake sales to raise money for our Christmas charities of choice (an update on this years will be next!) as well as; decorations throughout the office, candy for everyone  and believe it or not we even hold costume contests.

In the Toronto office we have a rule, if you don’t come to the office in costume no worries! Our VP of Operations Cathy Best has 3 HUGE boxes full of costumes and accessories and she is more then happy to lend them out. But of course there’s a catch, she gets to pick your costume. -This is the point where I think it’s important to add that Cathy is extremely creative in her costume designs.-

Our team in Montreal is having a ball! -Get it? Ball he he he

Happy Bowl-O-Ween to our Montreal Call Center Team!

Our Montreal call center celebrates halloween a bit differently. Instead of having costume contests they do Bowl-O-Ween which, as the name suggests, is a night of fun as everyone goes bowling.

You would be surprised at how well bowling can bond a team. The ability to laugh and celebrate with a fellow team member when they get a strike, then sit and relax with everyone as you wait for your turn is an excellent way to socialize outside of the sometimes hectic call centre environment. We keep all of our games fun and light,  for us it’s more about the time spent together as a team then who gets the highest score.

The call centre Hamilton staff in the many halloween outfits

Our Hamilton staff in their fantastic costumes

It doesn’t matter what your company does to celebrate halloween, most important is that you come together as a team and encourage everyone to enjoy themselves. Each of our call centres celebrates Halloween a bit differently, but at it’s core the message is the same. Walking through the call centre doors does not mean the holidays stop.

How does your company celebrate halloween?