Offering discounts and promotions is a sure-fire way to attract new customers but to remain profitable in the long run, it is important to retain them. Maintaining your customer base is more difficult than attracting new ones, making customer service an important part of your business. If you can send your customers away happy and keep them coming back for more, you can consider your customer service a success.

Good customer service entails a few simple steps that when done right, can earn you great long term rewards. One of the easiest ways to provide excellent customer service is to keep lines of communication open. Install a toll free number or a dedicated line for your customers and ensure that you pick up their calls. You can also install an answering service or call forwarding to make sure you don’t ignore any of their calls.

Putting up a recorded message is a bad idea as customers want to talk to live representatives of your company and not a robot. It is also wise to train your staff in answering calls in a friendly and professional manner. When your representatives communicate with customers, ensure that their concerns are actually heard. Nothing loses customers like a business that does not care.

Another way you can really turn around your customer service is to deal with complaints in a calm and organised manner. Granted, nobody likes hearing complaints, but this is one area you can easily turn an angry customer into a longstanding one. By investing a little more time and effort into keeping your customers satisfied, you can enjoy a steady and increasing base of loyal patrons.