On November 28th our Hamilton office had its 10th Annual Dolly Awards where we recognize the Team Members who make Answerplus what it is. One our Virtual Receptionists, Elisha Lee, wrote such a beautiful speech we just had to share it with everyone.

Elisha Lee and Stewart Shutler from our Hamilton Office

Elisha Lee and Stewart Shutler from our Hamilton Office

Do you have a memory of a day where you had to go without? Either because you forgot something or simply because you just didn’t have?
Do you remember when you didn’t have a lunch, and you were hungry? Or when you forgot your mittens as a child and it was cold outside?
Do you remember that person that helped you out? That person who made that memory last for the right reason?
Maybe it was your co-worker next to you in the lunchroom who gave you half their sandwich? ——-You both weren’t full, but neither of you went hungry.Maybe there was another child on your childhood playground who gave you one of their mittens?—You both may have kept one hand in your pocket, but you still got to play without freezing your fingers off.

You see, at times in life we make important connections with the right people. It’s that connection with that helpful or kind person that turns a bad event, into a memory of someone who was good hearted and wanted to help. These special people change the way we feel about mankind. It is why they are important, and greatly needed. The simple small little “helps” we get or “acts of kindness” we experience with others, help us to realize even in times of stress, there is still good.

Everyone in this room tonight should be proud to identify themselves this person who helps, and should be recognized as these people of kindness. This is who you are, and what you excel at. Each and every one of you.

Every day, without any thought, YOU are all people who connect with others and he
It is your wants and abilities to make things right or better, that truly make you all wonderful, unique people.The people you connect with, even though you may never meet them, truly do feel and remember your kindness. With your helpful attitude or simple kindness, people experience that feeling that changes their stress, to a memory of a better nature.

And in turn…. they pass this feeling on.

This evening I am truly honoured and blessed to witness and know a group this large. All of you in the very same room, all sharing these same amazing qualities I speak of.

Even though we are all very different, and we’ve all come from different places and experiences…..this is the very integrity that bonds everyone in this room together.

I can honestly say I have learned so much from you all, and I am proud to be a part of this group.Be proud of yourselves for being here.Please be thankful for who you’ve all grown to be —I know I am thankful for all of you. Please continue to enhance the lives you connect with all your virtues, and acknowledge your great qualities not just today but every day.