2 men sitting across from each other at a table talking about improving their answering service skills.

We put our employees first at AnswerPlus and one of the ways we do that is reflected in one of our most important core values:  Continuous training and improvement!  Whether it’s ensuring everyone has been given proper training on a new account through to regular feedback and coaching sessions, we work with our CSRs, dispatchers and supervisors to ensure that our staff are knowledgeable and ready to assist our callers in the best way possible every time we answer.   Here are just a few of the ways we show our respect and appreciation to our employees every single day:

  1.  WE COACH OUR STAFF ON HOW TO AMAZE & DELIGHT THE CALLER – We monitor and review calls with our CSRs, dispatchers and supervisors on a regular basis and maintain thorough criteria to ensure our CSRs are providing the best possible experience for our callers.    We work with our reps on areas including call control, professionalism, spelling, grammar and punctuation right through to confirming all information with our callers and ensuring our message tickets are filled out thoroughly and correctly while conveying all important information throughout the call.  We identify areas where our CSRs are doing well and offer coaching and suggestions on how to improve so that each call we answer is as perfect as possible!
  2. WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING AT THE BIGGER PICTURE – Learning a new account involves so much more than filling in the requested information and following a script.  As we are an extension of our clients’ businesses, we make sure that our CSRs are given a thorough understanding of what our clients do so that we may answer every call with the appropriate tone and empathy and we walk them through a wide variety of call types and scenarios before they go live on the phone.
  3. WE’VE BEEN THERE BEFORE – It can be challenging to work a new type of call or account for the first time and that’s why we rely on the extensive experience of our senior CSRs, dispatchers and supervisors to help guide our reps through unique scenarios that they may not have encountered previously.  Our staff all work together to ensure that each call is handled professionally and that our CSRs direct our callers to the appropriate persons or departments and that all information is logged properly.  A terrific way to improve the understanding of a particular account is for our new hires to work alongside our senior staff to see and hear what works well for them and to then incorporate those techniques into their calls and work flow to provide professional and proficient service to our clients and callers.
  4. OUR OPINIONS MATTER AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE – Whenever we work with a new or existing client or account, we always solicit feedback from our CSRs to make sure that the way we have our accounts, scripting and processes set up in a manner that promotes efficiency and reduces the possibility of errors or confusion when on the phone with our callers.  Asking questions like “Does the script flow well?” or “Are the different options presented within the call script and external websites easy to understand and navigate?” allows us to get relevant feedback directly from our CSRs and we can then work with our clients to adapt their needs to improve efficiency and productivity in answering their customers.
  5. WE’RE VERY ADAPTABLE!!! – The needs of our clients and their situations can vary day-to-do so that’s why we communicate frequently with our clients and provide special instructions to our CSRS whenever it may be required.  Whether it’s an office closing early, providing special instructions to our callers or just being aware of who is on-call for a service account, we make sure that our CSRs have all current information at hand to properly inform and assist our callers.

By working with our staff every day to ensure our high standards for quality are being met and address any areas of concern, we guaranteed for our clients that their calls are being answered by representatives who are knowledgeable about their business and services and who truly understand the benefit that maintaining this core value can provide to our clients and staff!