The east coast of North America got slammed by Mother Nature’s winter weather wrath, for the better part of a week! How could AnswerPlus have helped you weather the storm?


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As much as every child is thrilled about the snow days, filled with tobogganing, snowball fights and building snowmen… Oh wait… That was my childhood, what I meant to say was playing video games, watching Netflix, and drinking hot chocolate. Successfully avoiding the harsh winter conditions.  All while the adults have to trudge through the snow, risking life and limb to make their way to work.


In some cases businesses have to close their doors, sometimes for days at a time. A snow storm can cause, rail closures, road closures, it can ground flights and governments can issue travel bans. All of these can have a devastating impact on businesses. Causing loss of revenue, customers and for employees, wages.

 There are businesses that provide vital services, despite weather conditions they need to stay mobile.  They also need to remain available for their customers calls.  We all like to support our local businesses, and we should.  However, in the case of emergency call centres, it is a good idea to choose one that is not regional.  A local call centre is experiencing the same weather conditions your business is.  It is unlikely that a call centre outside of the region is experiencing the same weather conditions.  The employees at your local call centres are also having trouble getting into the office, an are experiencing the same power interruptions.  

Rather than have to worry about who is answering you clients phone calls, why not take the snow day with your kids, and have some quality family time? Even if by candle light.


For those that have to provide vital services, while you are out clearing snow, restoring power or heat, or cleaning flooded basements, AnswerPlus agents are available to take the phone calls that take you away from the important part of your job. While you are knee deep in someone’s new basement swimming pool, we can be taking service requests from their neighbors who are also the proud new owners of a basement swimming pool. While a family wrapped in every stitch of clothing they own, is standing behind you anxiously waiting for their heat to kick back in, we are there ready for the next customers call. 

Even if your business doesn’t include having to clean up snow or pump water out of someone’s home, as a 24/7, 365 day, call center with offices in 4 separate cities and 3 different provinces, you can rest assured that we are prepared to be the front line for your business when you can’t be!

Could we have helped you weather the storm?

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