Imagine a work environment where everyone is always laughing, smiling and is genuinely happy to see each other. At AnswerPlus this is our reality.

On my first day as a Virtual Receptionist at AnswerPlus I was told that at our call centre, the Virtual Receptionists are more then just coworkers, they are a family which works together and loves to be together. I am not ashamed to admit that as I nodded my head and smiled I was thinking “Yeah sure they are. Also, pigs fly and the sky is purple.”

I have never been happier to be wrong.

When you walk into any of our call centres be it in the GTA, Hamilton or Montreal, you can feel it the building is warm, the staff friendly and most importantly, everyone not only gets along but they actually enjoy spending time together. I am proud to say that I met my best friend at AnswerPlus and even though we have both moved on to different positions within the company, our relationship is as strong as ever.

At AnswerPlus we have found the secret to a happy, working family and we are more than happy to share it with the world.

Create a long employee tenure:

This is number one for a reason, and it is pretty much self explanatory. If your staff is a continuous rotation of changing team members then no matter how much effort you put into creating a family you will not be successful. At AnswerPlus our tenure average is nine years. Our team members have had many years to grow comfortable, and secure with each other and because of this they have been able to grow into a family which is warm and welcoming to all new members.

Encourage Team Work:

Encouraging team work goes beyond your standard team work building seminars and exercises. It can’t be just a weekend retreat or a holiday exercise, it has to be engrained in every facet of the company.

Encourage Social Events:

It isn’t a secret that our call centre in both Toronto and Hamilton have at least one social event per month. Everyone has something to look forward to and it gives an opportunity to get to know coworkers outside of the call centre. When your employees work shifts it’s always best to have frequent events, this helps to ensure that all your team members participate in more than one and helps to mix up who interacts with who.

Foster a Supportive Environment:

One of our core values is “Respect and Admire the People We Work With”. Our Virtual Receptionists are encouraged to support each other, and give recognition when a team member goes Above and Beyond. Our supervisory and management team is included in this, we all strive to say thank you and show our appreciation to our fellow coworkers.
Our example: When a team member demonstrates a core value we nominate them, all team members can nominate or be nominated, and every week everyone that participated gets entered into a draw to win some awesome prizes. By rewarding both the person being recognized and the team members that nominated them we encourage everyone to look for a reason to nominate a fellow employee. This program has been very successful and has helped bring our AnswerPlus family even closer together.