Our Customers Come Third

We, at AnswerPlus, strongly believe that in order for our customers to receive the highest level of call center services we must prioritize them third on our list of priorities.We must prioritize our customers after our own Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) and after our customers’ own callers. It sounds bold, even a bit odd, but here is our rationale:

When we prioritize our Customer Service Receptionists and provide them with a fun, energetic, safe, and culturally inspiring place to work, then their happiness comes across to your clients.’  When our Customer Service Receptionists are compensated well, when they are coached and trained so that they feel confident answering your calls, and when they are encouraged to speak their minds, we see huge results.’  We see CSRs going the extra mile. We see empathetic and supportive CSRs.’  Ultimately, we see CSRs thinking like our customers.

These results positively affect your customers / callers.’ ‘  When callers reach one of our motivated and professional CSRs they feel important.’  They don’t feel like a disruption but rather that the person on the other end genuinely wants to help.’

This results in higher levels of caller satisfaction, loyalty and referrals for you, our customer.’  Therefore, in order for our customers to come first we must put them last.

Our Customers Come Third

At AnswerPlus we continue to believe that in order to provide our customers with the highest level of call centre service we must put them last.

As the “voice” of our customers, our Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) come first. They must be treated fairly and with dignity, given the training and tools to do their job, they must be compensated well, encouraged, coached and supported.

As the “judges of our success” we put our customers’ callers next in line. Our value to our customers can only be measured by our response time, accuracy, courtesy, and overall service to their callers.

Finally, we are dedicated to treating our clients honestly, fairly and ethically, ensuring that our rates are competitive and that we always deliver on our promises and commitments.