Where in the world, is Dave Kenyon? (You sang that to the tune of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego’ didn’t you? Its okay, I did too).

Next week you will find Dave in beautiful Quebec City attending the Canadian Elevator Contractors Association Convention (CECA). AnswerPlus has been the premier contact centre  for elevator companies for years, we dispatch technicians to emergency and maintenance service calls and respond to all panic alarms 24/7. So it is only fitting that as members in good standing with CECA that we would take the opportunity to meet our fellow members and introduce our selves. (again!)


Dave will of course not be alone,Guillaumes will be with him. Guillaumes works in our Montreal office so he is of course fully bilingual. We will be in both 23, feel free to stop by and visit us!

This is differently the year of trade shows for AnswerPlus, in 2014 alone we are planning to attend eight trade shows and conferences across the country. Every time we pack up the truck I’ll be sure to let you know where Dave Kenyon is heading to next.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch some 90’S TV shows.