In every business one of the most important deliverables is a high customer experience. In order to achieve that each branch within a company must ensure that they are delivering service which is consistent with the expectation of the brand. If there is one branch which falls below the average, it can severely impact the image of a company. It is imperative that the service be universal and that also means that your answering service should be too. There are multiple benefits that come with using a single Call Centre for a national company.

Consistent Service: Providing the best customer experience begins with standardization and ends with customization. You need to first understand and create your base averages for: seasonal patterns, billing averages, average expenses, satisfaction rating, overall national averages, regional averages, the list goes on and on. This may seem obvious, but it is much easier said than done, which is why it is encouraged that you use a single call centre. By creating that constant in a service that interacts with your client base you have instantly controlled a very important tool in delivering a high level of customer experience.

Customization: At AnswerPlus each company gets a single dedicated account manager, we do this because we also believe that you need to create a standard to achieve service excellence. By giving our account managers the opportunity to work with every branch they quickly learn the patterns of each location. Once you know a pattern you can recognize where and when improvements should be made. They become another pair of eyes monitoring your business and offering solutions to potential problems before they can escalate.

Creating Expertise within the call centre: When you hire an answering service you always want to make sure that they are going to provide you the very best opportunity to create a lasting positive impression. Give them the chance to learn and understand your business and yield the rewards that come from a call center who understands you, your business and your customers. I guarantee you they will become the third hand you never knew you had.

Custom Experience Puzzle

Lower costs: We all know the saying, buy more save more. It’s the same for call centres, but not always in the most obvious of ways. It goes back to having your standard. When you ask for a break down of your bill each call centre would hand you a different invoice, with different rates, premiums , etc. If you have a single call centre you will get a single format, a single cost break down and an added bonus. The ability to negotiate and customize the billing for each branch. Not all branches will require the same services, pick and choose for each one and because you have a single account manager you know that they will make sure your deliverables meet your high standards. By customizing your services and billing you will be able to increase your price point in specific branches while lowering the bottom line for several others.

When you chose to use a single call centre for multiple locations you allow your customers the opportunity to experience the very best customer service possible. It is an excellent tool in always making the very best first impression and above all never have a branch fall through the cracks again.

You will also benefit from the following:

  • Dedicated HVAC pod
  • Bilingual CSRs based out of our Montreal office, providing the best quality of French
  • Experience with national multi-branch companies