Do your Actions send  the right message to your  Customers?

 by Barbara Bradbury, V.P. Special Counsel, AnswerPlus

My husband and I stopped for dinner at a popular seaside dining room in the French fishing village of Cheticamp. We were ushered to the “last table available” located on a landing 4 steps up from the street side dining room and 4 steps up from the more casual dining area on the ocean side.  Although the view was fabulous, it was difficult to enjoy the view or our meal, knowing that if either of us moved our chair back a few inches, we could break our neck!

Upon leaving, we quietly mentioned our concerns to the hostess, suggesting that a simple railing would allow them to use this extra space without putting their clientele at risk. Her response?… “People tell us that all the time.”

Clearly they were more interested in bringing in a few extra dollars, than in the welfare of their diners, and thanks to their short-term thinking… we will not be returning.

Do your actions send the message that you put  your customers  first?

Telephone Tip – Answer by the 3rd ring

New devices,  faster downloads and live streaming  have had the effect of placing increased pressure on business to respond to callers in a timely fashion. Callers expect to be answered within 3 rings (18 seconds) or they may hang up and take their business elsewhere.

Here are a few ways that we can help you keep callers happy:

  • Let our Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) cover for breaks and holidays
  • Automatically overflow excess calls to our CSRs when all lines/staff are busy
  • Handle planned call spikes (employment ads, rebates, special offers etc.) by having our CSRs screen a dedicated phone number supplied by AnswerPlus